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Chapter 7 The Modern Age Pt-4 (2011-Present) the “New 52” Prime Earth and Earth 2

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Following a company-wide reboot in 2011, the “52” multiverse ceased to exist. Instead, we have the “New 52” featuring all-new Issue #1 stories set on Prime Earth, Earth 1, Earth 2, etc. New Earth had merged with Earth-13 (Vertigo) and Earth-50 (Wildstorm) in the wake of the Flashpoint event and had its history rewritten as a result, creating The New 52. (DC still published stories set in the “52” Multiverse Earth-1, Earth-16 and Earth-40 after the reboot.)

August 2011 “New 52” (All DC comics reboot at #1)

After Flashpoint V2, The Flash and Pandora altered the timeline and the multiverse was changed. The DC Universe (New Earth), the Vertigo Universe (Earth-13) and the Wildstorm Universe (Earth-50) have merged, bringing in Vertigo characters Constantine, iZombie, Hellblazer, Swamp Thing, Shade, and others, and Wildstorm characters including Voodoo, Grifter, and Midnighter. The main universe now is called “Prime Earth”

New 52 Characters – DC Wikia
New 52 DC Characters – Comic Vine

2011 “New 52” Part-1

2011 Prime Earth Dawn Granger (Dove II) –Hawk and Dove vol. 5 #1

2011 The Legion is re-configured for Prime Earth

2011 Apparently they can no longer travel to present day. The Pre-Zero Hour Original Legion of Super Heroes (with some modifications) are now known as the "Retro-boot Legion I" and appear in -Legion of Super-Heroes vol. 7 #1-23

2011 Seven heroes from the 31st century Post-Flashpoint Legion of Super Heroes I have traveled back to the present day to save their future from annihilation and find themselves trapped. Chameleon Girl, Dawnstar, Gates, Tellus, Timber Wolf, Tyroc, Wildfire –Legion Lost vol. 2 #1-16

2011 a younger Prime Earth Kal-El (Superman) –Action Comics vol. 2 #1

2011 Prime Earth Kal-El (Superman) –Superman vol. 3 #1

2011 Prime Earth Kal-El (Superman) and Prime Earth Bruce Wayne (Batman) –Batman/Superman vol. 1 #1

2011 Prime Earth Bruce Wayne (Batman) –Batman vol. 2 #1

2011 Prime Earth Charlotte Rivers –Detective Comics vol. 2 #2

2011 Prime Earth Jaina Hudson (White Rabbit) –Batman: The Dark Knight vol. 2 #1

2011 Prime Earth Cassandra Sandsmark (Wonder Girl III) –Teen Titans vol. 4 #1 (Image from an unknown issue)

2011 Prime Earth Caitlin Fairchild (Fairchild) first appeared in Superboy vol. 6 #1 (cover image is from 2013 The Ravagers vol. 1 #9

2011 Prime Earth Kon-El (Superboy) is a clone of Prime Earth Johnathan “Jon” Lane Kent (Son of Superman) –Superboy vol. 6, #6

2011 Prime Earth Dinah Drake Lance (Black Canary) –Birds of Prey vol. 3 #1

2011 Prime Earth Tatsu Toro (Katana) –Birds of Prey vol. 3 #1 Note: Katana appears on the cover, but does not appear inside the issue. Image is from an unknown issue.

2011 Prime Earth Diana of Themyscira/Diana Prince (Wonder Woman) -Wonder Woman vol. 4 #1

2011 Eris (Strife) -Wonder Woman vol. 4 #2

2011 Prime Earth Katherine Rebecca “Kate” Kane (Batwoman) –Batwoman vol. 2 #1

2011 Prime Earth Jaime Reyes (Blue Beetle IV) –Blue Beetle vol. 9 #1

2011 Prime Earth Barbara Joan Gordon (Batgirl). [Pre-Flashpoint New Earth Barbara Gordon (Oracle) was crippled] –Batgirl vol. 4 #1 (Gail Simone)

2011 Prime Earth John Henry Irons (Steel III) –Action Comics vol. 2 #2

2011 Prime Earth Kara Zor-El/Kara Kent (Supergirl) -Supergirl vol. 6 #1

2011 The Prime Earth Justice League of America first appears as a team in Issue #6 –Justice League vol. 2 #1

2011 -Justice League International vol. 3 #1-12

2011 Prime Earth Katar Hol of Thanagar (Hawkman) calls himself Carter Hall while on Planet Earth where he works as an archaeologist. -The Savage Hawkman vol. 1 #1

2011 Prime Earth Shayera Thal (Hawkwoman III) is re-imagined as a Thanagarian supervillain, and dies saving Katar Hol (Hawkman) -The Savage Hawkman vol. 1 #0 Note: Shayera only appears in issue #12-16 and #0

2011 Prime Earth Koriand’r/Kori Anders (Starfire III) first New-52 appearance -Red Hood and the Outlaws #1

2011 Prime Earth (Essence) –Red Hood and the Outlaws vol. 1 #1

2011 Prime Earth Dora Leigh (Godiva) -Justice League international vol. 3 #1

2011 In “And most of the costumes stay on”, Prime Earth Selena Kyle (Catwoman) is having an affair with Prime Earth Bruce Wayne (Batman) -Catwoman vol. 4 #1

2011 Prime Earth and Earth 2 Michael Holt (Mister Terrific II) –Mr. Terrific #1 and Earth 2 vol. 1 #2

2011 Earth 2 Kara Zor-El is just "Karen Starr" before becoming (Earth 2 Supergirl), and eventually Prime Earth’s “Power Girl” –Mr. Terrific vol. 1 #1 and Worlds' Finest Annual #1 (2014)

Earth 2 Helena Wayne (Robin) –Worlds’ Finest vol. 1 #0 (2012) and Worlds’ Finest Annual #1 (2014)

2012 “New 52” Part-2

2012 Alya (Lightning) –Teen Titans Annual vol. 4 #1 part 1 of "The Culling" cross-over story

2012 Earth 2 Lois Lane (Red Tornado) is a robot with Lois Lane’s consciousness -Eart 2 vol 1 #7 first appearance as Red Tornado.

2012 Exoristos –Demon Knights vol. 1 #6

2012 Earth 2 Selena Kyle (Catwoman) is Earth 2 Helena Wayne (Robin)’s mother. -Worlds’ Finest vol. 1 #0

Aug 2012 Prime Earth Koriand’r (Starfire III) is on the cover –Red Hood and the Outlaws vol. 1 #10

July 2012 Earth 2 Kara Zor-El (Power Girl) and Earth 2 Helena Wayne (Huntress II) on the cover of -Worlds’ Finest Vol1 #1

Oops, they had to quickly change Power Girl’s costume because it looked too much like Alan Moore’s Supreme vol. 2 #41 (1996)

2012 Earth 2 Kara Zor-El (Power Girl)’s final costume -Worlds’ Finest vol. 1 #1

2012 There is no Prime Earth Helena Bertinelli (Huntress III) in the new 52 - except there is a time when Earth 2 Helena Wayne (Huntress II) disguises herself as “Helena Bertinelli” while doing missions on Prime Earth. -Worlds’ Finest vol. 1 #1

2012 Prime Earth Selena Kyle (Catwoman) as a contortionist then as corrected by DC –Catwoman vol. 4 #0

July 2012 – May 2015 “Earth 2”

This series takes place in a parallel Earth known as Earth 2, where super-heroes are known as “Wonders of the World”. Additionally, the people of Earth 2 have re-imagined back-stories, powers, and characteristics to that of their Prime Earth counterparts. –Earth 2 vol. 1 #1-32

Earth 2 Characters - DC Wikia

Earth 2 “Diana of Amazon Island” first appeared 5 years ago in the First Apokolips Invasion. She is the last Amazon. -Earth 2 vol. 1 #1

New younger Superman character Earth 2 Kal-El (Superman) –Earth 2 vol. 1 #1

Earth 2 Helena Wayne (Robin) –Earth 2 vol. 1 #1

The Earth 2 “the Trinity” (Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman) are apparently killed:
Diana of Amazon Island is killed by Steppenwolf’s magic sword –Earth 2 vol. 1 #1

Earth 2 Kal-El (Superman) spontaneously blows up. (<spoiler>But he actually just “disappeared”.) –Earth 2 vol. 1 #1

Earth 2 Bruce Wayne (Batman) “apparently” sacrifices his life on a suicide mission while his daughter, Earth 2 Helena Wayne (Robin) looks on. –Earth 2 vol. 1 #1

Then Earth 2 Kara Zor-L (Supergirl) and Earth 2 Helena Wayne (Huntress II) are transported to Prime Earth

After the death of the “Trinity”, both Prime Earth and Earth 2 are populated by younger heroes - Earth 2 Heroes: Jay Garrick (Flash I), Hawkgirl, Alan Scott (Green Lantern), Prime Earth Michael Holt (Mister Terrific II), Dr. Fate, The Atom, Sandman, Mister Miracle, Big Barda, Red Tornado (with the consciousness of Lois Lane) Jimmy Olsen (Accountable), Thomas Wayne (Batman thanks to Miraclo), Aquawoman, Val-Zod (Superman)

Earth 2 Al Pratt (Atom)  –Earth 2 #1 Pratt first appeared as an American soldier hauling a nuclear bomb - and in Issue #4 as Atom.

Earth 2 Kendra Munoz-Saunders (Hawkgirl) is a treasure hunter with real wings that she got from the Earth Army. Hawkgirl, the Flash, Green Lantern, and Doctor Fate form the “Wonders of the World”. -Earth 2 #2 Shown here on the cover of Issue #3

Alan Scott (Golden Age Green Lantern) is gay. His boyfriend’s name is Sam Zhao (Avatar of the White). Sam is killed off immediately in -Earth 2 #2

Earth 2 (Fury), a female Amazon Warrior appears. She is Earth 2 Diana of Amazon Island and Prime Earth Steppenwolf’s daughter -Earth 2 #8

Earth 2 Major Sonia Sado (Judomaster III) –Earth 2 #9

Earth 2 Yolanda Montez (Wildcat III) becomes a “Great Beast” -Earth 2 #10-#13

Earth 2 Khalid Ben-Hassin (Doctor Fate) –Earth 2 #11

Prime Earth Scot/Scott Free (Mister Miracle) –Earth 2 #11

Prime Earth Doyenne Barda (Big Barda) –Earth 2 #11

Earth 2 Queen Marella (Aquawoman) appears -Earth 2 #18

Juiced with “Miraclo” the grizzled old Earth 2 Thomas Wayne (Batman II) –Earth 2 Annual #1 

Earth 2 “hacktivist” Jimmy Olsen (Accountable). -Earth 2 #18

Earth 2 Val-Zod is the agoraphobic pacifist blue-eyed black Earth 2 Superman. He is the son of Zod. Val-Zod defeats an evil clone of Kal-El. He is NOT the same person as Earth 22 Kalel/Calvin Ellis (President Superman). –Earth 2 vol. 1 #19

Earth 2 Yolanda Montez (Wildcat III) is “Avatar of the Red” -Earth 2 #30

2013 “New 52” Part-3

2013 Prime Earth Justice League of America –Justice League of America vol. 3 #1-14

2013 Prime Earth Kon-El (Superboy) is a clone of Prime Earth Johnathan “Jon” Lane Kent (Son of Superman) –Teen Titans Annual vol. 4 #2

2013 Emily Sung (Element Woman) and (Platinum) –Justice League vol. 2 #16

2013 Earth 2 Kara Zor-El (Power Girl) gets rid of her jumpsuit and gets her Window back. The outfit is made by Prime Earth Kara Zor-El (Supergirl)’s “Sanctuary” because Power Girl’s jumpsuit got tore up. -Supergirl vol. 6 #19

June 2013 Earth 2 Kara Zor-El (Power Girl)’s new costume appears without explanation in Worlds’ Finest vol. 1 #12 The old costume is shown on the cover of issue #11 - The new costume is shown on the cover of issue #12. Note: Issue #12 contains panels with both costumes. Totally unexplained.

July 2013 Prime Earth Courtney Whitmore (Stargirl) –Justice League of America vol. 3 #4

July 2013 Prime Earth Kara Zor-El (Supergirl) is not dead here, she is just tired. -Supergirl vol. 6 #20

2013 Earth 3 Kal-Il (Ultraman) -Justice League vol. 2 #23

2013 Prime Earth Holly Ann Fields (Virtue) -The Movement vol. 1 #1 Shown here on Issue #5

2013 Prime Earth Johnathan Lane Kent (Son of Superman) –Superboy vol. 6 #19

2013 Jade Nguyen (Cheshire) an assassin in –Red Hood and the Outlaws Annual #1

2013 Koriand’r (Starfire III) in her space armor -Red Hood and the Outlaws vol. 1 #14

2013-2014 Forever Evil was basically Prime Earth Lex Luthor and all the bad guys defending the Prime Earth from an attack by the Crime Syndicate of Earth 3. –Forever Evil vol. 1 #1-7

Lex Luthor and his evil heroes -Forever Evil vol. 1 #1

2014 “New 52” Part-4

Jan 2014 Prime Earth Kal-El (Superman) and Prime Earth Diana of Themyscira (Wonder Woman) ae married -Superman/Wonder Woman vol. 1 #2

Feb 2014 Diana of Themyscira (Wonder Woman) –Justice League 3000 #1

Feb 2014 Prime Earth Dr. Harleen Quinzel (Harley Quinn) –Harley Quinn vol. 2 #1

2014 Before leaving Prime Earth, Kara Zor-El (Power Girl) bestows powers to Prime Earth Tanya Spears (New Power Girl). -Worlds’ Finest #23

2014 Earth 2 Helena Wayne (Huntress II) and Earth 2 Kara Zor-El (Power Girl) find their way to Earth 2 only to find it is under attack by Darkseid. -Worlds’ Finest vol. 1 #26

2014 Prime Earth Miiyahbin Marten (Equinox) –Justice League United #0

2014 Prime Earth Courtney Whitmore (Stargirl) –Justice League United #1

2014 Duela Dent (Joker’s Daughter) used to be called “Harlequin II” -New Suicide Squad #1

July 2014 Re-imagined Prime Earth Dark-Complexion Helena Bertinelli II (Matron) appears in Grayson as a Spyral “Super-spy”. She is not the same person as Helena Bertinelli (Huntress III), OR Helena Wayne (Huntress II) but like them, she does use a crossbow. –Grayson vol. 1 #1

Dec 2014 Prime Earth Bekka (Yellow Lantern) –Green Lantern/New Gods: Godhead #1 and Sinestro Vol 1 #6

June 2014 – June 2015 Batman Eternal

The New 52's first weekly series starring Batman and his large cast of supporting characters, both friend and foe.

July 2014 –June 2015 the New 52: Future’s End

The second weekly series of The New 52. In the Batman Beyond “Possible Future” Terry McGinnis (Batman) travels back in time from 35 years in the future to 5 years in the future to help Prime Earth fend off the apocalypse. Refugees from Earth 2 come to Prime Earth and cause society to fall apart.
Future’s End Terry McGinnis (Batman)

Future’s End Barbara Gordon (Batgirl) first appears in Batgirl: Future's End vol 1 #1. Shown on the cover are Stephanie, Cassandra, Barbara, and Tiffany, all members of the Batgirl crew.

October 2014 Prime Earth Barbara Joan Gordon (Batgirl II) Reboot –Batgirl vol. 4 #35

October 2014 –June 2015 -The Multiversity

Earth 23 Kalel/Calvin Ellis (President Superman), Earth 26 Captain Carrot, Mary Marvel, Earth 20 Abin Sur (Green Lantern) -The Multiversity vol. 1 #1

Earth 7 Thunderer, Earth 11 Aquawoman, Earth 17 Bruce Wayne, Earth 8 Machinehead, Earth 36 Red Racer -The Multiversity vol. 1 #2

Prime Earth Nix Uotan (SuperJudge)

The Gentry

December 2014 – June 2015 Earth 2: World’s End

Third New 52 weekly series depicting the war that destroyed Earth 2 in the Second Apokolips Invasion. Kara Zor-El (Power Girl) and Helena Wayne (Huntress II) leave Earth 2 when it is destroyed and Helena has the Earth 2 Codex. Jimmy Olsen (Accountable) helped 2 million survivors escape Darkseid. Earth 2 is destroyed. -Earth 2: World’s End

Earth 2 Barbara Gordon/Barbara Grayson is on the Chicago PD –Earth 2: World’s End #1

Earth 2 “Fury of Apokolips” is the Tamaranean K’li (War) –Earth 2: World’s End #1

Golden Age Earth-Two Ted Grant (Wildcat I) is just a boxer in Chicago -Earth 2: World’s End #6

Jonni Thunder (Thunderbolt) previously got her powers from a small statue. Now she gets them from a “Thunder Being”, which makes her look like she has extra arms (like a Hindu God).  -Earth 2: World’s End #8

After Earth 2 Kal El (Superman) “Disappeared”, he went to Darkseid and got brainwashed into becoming evil, then he sacrificed himself with help from Earth 2 Lois lane (Red Tornado) –Earth 2: World’s End #15

After Earth 2 Kal El (Superman)’s death, Earth 2 Lois Lane (Red Tornado) gives Earth 2 Kara Zor-El (Power Girl) Kal’s Shield and she puts it on her costume. -Earth 2 world's end #16

2015 “New  52” Part-5

Jan 2015 Prime Earth (Maxima) –Supergirl vol. 6 #36

Jan 2015 Between the Frames -page 20 between panels 3&4 -sets us up for the soon-to-be-released Harley Quinn/Power Girl limited series. -Harley Quinn vol. 2 #12

2015 Digital First -Sensation Comics featuring Wonder Woman vol. 1 Print Issue #4

Feb 2015 Prime Earth Donna Troy (Wonder Girl II) –Wonder Woman vol. 4 #37 & #38. Donna is killed, then her baby is taken, then Donna is boiled in a cauldron, then she is resurrected.

Feb 2015 Prime Earth Tanya Spears (New Power Girl) was given her powers by Kara Zor-El -Teen Titans vol. 5 #5-11

April 2015 Prime Earth Selena Kyle (formerly Catwoman) comes out as Bisexual when she kisses Prime Earth Eiko Hasigawa (Catwoman) –Catwoman vol. 4 #39

April 2015 Convergence

Convergence: Action Comics (Superman/Power Girl)

Convergence: Adventures of Superman (Superman/Supergirl)

Convergence: Detective Comics (Helena Wayne/Dick Grayson)

Convergence: Supergirl: Matrix

Yolanda Montez (Wildcat III) gets her claws back -Convergence #1

Earth 11 (Aquawoman) (Batwoman) (Superwoman) –Convergence vol. 1 #8

June 2015 “DC-YOU”

Most ongoing issues revamp in August 2015 at #41 (Some new #1 issues)

Action Comics vol. 2 41: Young Kal-El (Superman) “Hard Truth”

All-Star Section Eight vol. 1 #1:

Aquaman vol. 7 #41:

Bat Mite vol. 1 #1:

Batgirl vol. 4 #41:

Batman vol. 2 #41: After Bruce Wayne (Batman) and the Joker’s apparent death in Issue #40, Prime Earth James Gordon (Batman) dons a batman suit.

Batman and Robin Eternal vol. 1 #1:

Batman Beyond vol. 5 #1: Terry McGinnis (Batman)

Batman/Superman vol. 1 #21: Prime Earth Kal-El (Superman) and Prime Earth James Gordon (Batman) in “Truth Hurts”

Bizarro vol. 1 #1:

Black Canary vol. 4 #1: Prime Earth Diana Drake (Black Canary)

Catwoman vol. 4 #41: Prime Earth Selena Kyle is no longer Catwoman, she is now a Mob Boss

Constantine: The Hellblazer vol. 1 #1:

Cyborg vol. 1 #1:

Deathstroke vol. 3 41:

Detective Comics vol. 2 41:

Divergence vol. 1 #1: Free Comic Book Day previews of Batman, Superman, and Justice League.

Doctor Fate vol. 4 #1:

Doomed vol. 1 #1:

Earth 2: Society vol. 1 #1: Earth 2 is physically the same as Prime Earth - but not really…

World Army
Amar Kahn (Leader)
The Atom
Robert Crane
Oliver Queen (Red Arrow)
Jason Foster (Stormy)
Terry Sloan
Lois Lane (Red Tornado)
Wesley Dodds (Sandman)
Sonia Sato
Kendra Munoz (Hawkgirl)
General Samuel Lane

Henry Heywood, Jr. (Captain Steel)
James Lockhart

Other Heroes and Citizens
Alan Scott (Green Lantern)
Val-Zod (Superman)
Jason Garrick (Flash)
Michael Holt (Mr. Terrific)
Marella (Aquawoman)
Richard Grayson (Batman)
Helena Wayne (Huntress)
P.O. Barbara Gordon Grayson
Kara Zor-El (Power Girl)
John “Johnny” Grayson II

Jimmy Olsen (Dr. Impossible)
Johnny Sorrow
K’li (War)

Earth 2 has 2 suns. One is Red, the other is Yellow. Earth 2 Kara Zor-El/Karen Starr (Power Girl) returned from Prime Earth. She was Superman’s cousin and was adopted by Earth 2 Kal L and Earth 2 Lois Lane. -DC Sneak Peek Earth Two: Society vol 1 #1

Firestorm vol. 4 #1:

Gotham Academy vol. 2 #7:

Gotham by Midnight vol. 1 #6:

Grayson vol. 1 #9:

Green Arrow vol. 5 #41:

Green Lantern vol. 5 #41:

Green Lantern Corps: Edge of Oblivion vol. 1 #1:

Green Lantern: Lost Army vol. 1 #1:

Harley Quinn vol. 2 #17: Prime Earth Dr. Harleen Quinzel (Harley Quinn)

Harley Quinn/Power Girl vol. 1 #1: Earth 2 Kara Zor-L (Power Girl) / Prime Earth Dr. Harleen Quinzel (Harley Quinn) in the gutter story which was between the Harley Quinn vol. 2 #12 panels.

Harley Quinn Road Trip Special vol. 1 #1: Prime Earth Dr. Harleen Quinzel (Harley Quinn) Prime Earth Selena Kyle (Catwoman) and Prime Earth Pamela Isley (Poison Ivy)

Justice League 3001 vol. 1 #1:

Justice League vol. 2 #41: “Darkseid War, Chapter 1: God vs Man”

Justice League of America vol. 4 #1: Prime Earth Justice League of America

Justice League United vol. 1 #11:

Lobo vol. 3 #7:

Martian Manhunter vol. 4 #1:

Midnighter vol. 2 #1:

New Suicide Squad vol. 1 #11:

Red Hood/Arsenal vol. 1 #1:

Robin: Son of Batman vol. 1 #1:

Secret Six vol. 4 #3:

Sinestro vol. 1 #12:

Starfire vol. 2 #1: Koriand’r/Kory Anders (Starfire III) shown in #1, #2a, and Atlee in #3

Superman vol. 3 #41: Kal-El (Superman) “Before Truth”

Superman/Wonder Woman vol. 1 #18: Prime Earth Kal El (Superman) and Prime Earth Diana or Themyscira (Wonder Woman) “Dark Truthare married

Superman: Lois & Clark vol. 1 #1:

Teen Titans vol. 5 #9:

Telos vol. 1 #1:

The Flash vol. 4 #41:

The Omega Men vol. 3 #1:

We are… Robin vol. 1 #1:

Wonder Woman vol. 4 #41: The pants are back as part of Diana of Themyscira (Wonder Woman)’s full body armor.

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