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Chapter 5 The Modern Age Part-2 (2006-2007) Post-Infinite-Crisis Multiverse - featuring New Earth

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Post Infinite Crisis Multiverse to the discovery of the “52” multiverse.

The Multiverse is back. Much of the action during this period still takes place on “New Earth” now sometimes called Earth-0, (called Earth-1 or Prime Earth by some). The period runs from re-creation of the Multiverse in Infinite Crisis to the creation of the “52” Multiverse in the May 2007 final issue of the weekly imprint “52”.

New Earth is a composite of the pre-Crisis Earth-One, the pre-Crisis Earth-Two, the pre-Crisis Earth-Four, the pre-Crisis Earth-S, the pre-Crisis Earth-X, and the Dakotaverse.

2006 “52” - Weekly Series May 2006-May 2007

In “52” the world is without Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman, Batman and Superman are all on personal retreats.

In "52" all of Alexander Luthor's earths combine into "New Earth", then they spin off 52 other earths, each with multiple timelines. None of the earths can see each other. Some of these earths look familiar, but they are actually all new.

2006 -2011 This modern version of New Earth Katherine Rebecca Kane first appeared as Kate in “52” #7, and then as Batwoman in issue #9.  (shown here in issue #11)

2006 New Earth supermodel Sierra (Matrix II) gets powers as part of Lex Luthor's "Everyman" project. –“52” #25

May 2007 In the final issue of “52”, Earth-2 is discovered along with all the 52 Earths in the new DC Universe. -52 vol. 1 #52

2006 One Year Later Series - Jump forward 1 year from Infinite Crisis May 2006 to May 2007

One year after the events of Infinite Crisis, the DC Universe's biggest three New Earth heroes (Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman) finally return after disappearing for a year. One Year Later ran concurrently with “52”.

March 2006 - Superman "Up Up and Away!" collects Superman vol. 1 #650-653 and Action Comics vol. 1 #837-840 (A One Year Later story)

August 2006 - "Who is Wonder Woman?" collects Wonder Woman vol. 3 #1-4 and Annual #1 (A One Year Later story)

March 2006 - Batman "Face the Face" collects Detective Comics vol. 1 #817-820 and Batman vol. 1 #651-654 (A One Year Later story)

May 2006 “One Year Later” story arc:  New Earth Huntress’ “Belly Window” disappears -Birds of Prey vol. 1 #92 (A One Year Later story)

May 2006 New Earth Helena Kyle (Huntress) is daughter of New Earth Selena Kyle (CatWoman) and Sam Bradley Jr.  “One Year Later” Selena begins to reform and become a hero. -Catwoman vol. 3 #53 (A One Year Later story)

2006 Holly Robinson (Catwoman II) –Catwoman vol. 3 #53 (A One Year Later story)

April 2006 In the “One Year Later” story arc called “Supergirl: Candor” Prime Earth Kara Zor-El becomes “Flamebird” and Earth-2 Kara Zor-L becomes “Nightwing” in the bottled city of Kandor. -Supergirl vol. 5 #6-8 (A One Year Later story)


May-June 2006 New Earth Kara Zor-El (Supergirl) is transported to the New Earth aka Earth-Prime 31st Century. This is a continuation of the Earth-Prime “Threeboot Legion of Super-Heroes” book: Legion of Super-Heroes vol. 5 #15, but it is renamed to: -Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes vol. 5 #16-36 (A One Thousand and One Year Later story)

August 2006 New Earth Wonder Woman is back after being on hiatus for a year. -Wonder Woman vol. 3 #1-44 (A One Year Later story)

September 2006 Charlotte Gage-Radcliffe (Batgirl V) is also known as “Misfit” –Birds of Prey vol. 1 #96 (NOT a OYL story!)

2006 New Earth Justice League of America -3 different covers -Justice League of America vol. 2 #1-60

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