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Chapter 4 The Modern Age Part-1 (1985-2006) Post-crisis New Earth

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The Multiverse no longer exists. Now all the heroes from Earth-One and Earth-Two reside on the post-crisis “New Earth”. The New Earth period runs from the final issue of Crisis on Infinite Earths through Infinite Crisis #6 when the Multiverse is restored.

1985 Post Crisis “New Earth” through the return of the Multiverse in Infinite Crisis

1985 Pre-Crisis Yolanda Montez (Wildcat) first appearance with the team “Infinity Inc.” -Infinity, Inc. vol. 1 #12 -Last appearance: Crisis on Infinite Earths #5

1985 Post-Crisis New Earth Yolanda Montez (Wildcat) first appearance Crisis on Infinite Earths #5 - joins Infinity Inc. as an official member. -Infinity, Inc. vol. 1 #25

1986 New Earth JSA flashback to “Earth-Two 1945” Crisis-related One-Shot -Last Days of the Justice Society of America

1986 New Earth Daniel Garrett (Blue Beetle I) –Secret Origins vol. 2 #2

1986 New Earth Lyta Trevor (Fury II) was retconned in Crisis on Infinite Earths to no longer be Diana’s daughter. She is now the daughter of Golden Age Earth-Two Helena Kosmatos (Fury I). -Infinity Inc. vol. 1 #32

1986 New Earth Koriand’r (Starfire III) is married -The New Teen Titans vol. 2 #17

1986 Earth-423 “Whatever happened to the Man of Tomorrow” story was the last pre-Crisis story to use the “Imaginary Stories” label. It was created by Alan Moore as a tribute to the Silver Age of comics. -Superman vol. 1 #423 and Action Comics vol. 1 #583

1986 The definitive Post-Crisis origin story and first Post-Crisis appearance of many characters. -Man of Steel vol. 1 #1-6

1986 A rousing tale of heroes overcoming adversity. -Legends vol. 1 #1-6

1987 In all post-Crisis references to the JLA's pre-Crisis adventures, Wonder Woman is replaced by Black Canary. Here Diana Laurel Lance (Black Canary) gets a new costume –Legends vol. 1 #4

1986 "Batman: Dark Knight Returns" by Frank Miller - a groundbreaking book that helped to not only return Batman to his darker roots, but also shifted the comic industry into a more "adult" direction.

1986 "Watchmen" is currently the only graphic novel ever to receive a Hugo Award. -Watchmen vol. 1 #1-12

1986 February Wonder Woman Volume 1 Final issue – Earth-One Diana of Paradise Island (Wonder Woman) and Earth-One Col. Steve Trevor are married. -Wonder Woman vol. 1 #329 (until 2010 when Wonder Woman vol. 1 #600 is published). The issue #329 story arc is available next when Wonder Woman  vol. 2 #1 picks up the story in 1987

1987 February New Earth Diana of Themyscyra/Diana Prince (Wonder Woman) first appearance in Wonder Woman vol. 2 #1-#226

1986-2011 Earth-Two Kara Zor-L/Karen Starr (Power Girl) is moved to “New Earth” and is retconned as Atlantean, (the granddaughter of sorcerer Arion). Her power is from magic. She calls herself "Karen Starr" instead of Kara. –Secret Origins vol. 2 #11 (February 1987)

1987 The Justice League re-forms for an international audience. -Justice League International vol. 1 #1-25

1987 New Earth Selena Kyle (Catwoman) gets her first real cat-suit - tail and all – in the Batman: Year One story arc, Frank Miller’s re-imagining of Earth-31 Bruce Wayne's first year as Batman. -Batman vol. 1 #404-407

1987 New Earth Barbara Gordon (Batgirl II) –Secret Origins vol. 2 #20

Golden Age (1942) Helena Kosmatos (Fury I) was retconned in 1987 to be the mother of Hippolyta "Lyta" Trevor (Fury II). -Young All-stars vol. 1 #5 (1987)

1987 New Earth Lyta Trevor-Hall (Fury II) goes on Maternity Leave and evil New Earth Hector Hall (Silver Scarab II) dies -Infinity Inc. vol. 1 #41

1987 New Earth Lyta Trevor-Hall (Fury II) has the real New Earth Hector Sanders Hall (Silver Scarab I/Sandman)’s child, Daniel Hall who also appears in Sandman as "Dream". -Infinity Inc. vol. 1 #42

Getting rid of Superboy and Supergirl caused problems for the popular Legion of Super-Heroes, which was formed specifically because of the exploits of Superboy. - So the "Pocket Universe" was created as a crisis-proof storage place for Silver-Age Superboy, Supergirl, and others.

1987 Pocket Universe Kal-El (Superboy) appeared with the Original (Pre-Crisis, Pre-Zero Hour New Earth) Legion of Super-Heroes in –Legion of Super-Heroes vol. 3 #37 (part 1 of 4)

1987 Pocket Universe Kal-El (Superboy) then appeared with the Original Legion of Super-Heroes in -Superman vol. 2 #8 (part 2 of 4)

1987 Pocket Universe Kal-El (Superboy) then appeared in the story “Superman vs Superboy” with the Original Legion of Super-Heroes in –Action Comics vol. 1 #591 (part 3 of 4)

1987 The story concludes with the death of Pocket Universe Kal-El (Superboy) in Legion of Super-Heroes vol. 4 #38 (part 4 of 4)

1988 New Earth “Atlantean” Karen Starr (Power Girl) -Power Girl vol. 1 #1-#4

1988 New Earth Barbara Gordon (Batgirl II) officially retires in "The Last Batgirl Story". Batgirl Special #1 (One-shot)

May 1988 New Earth Barbara Gordon (retired Batgirl II) is shot by the Joker and loses use of her legs –“The Killing Joke” Graphic Novel (1988)

1988 Pocket Universe/New Earth- "Matrix" is Supergirl (with Lana Lang’s personality). Created from proto-matter by pocket-universe Lex Luthor. First appeared in –Superman vol. 2 #16 (Shown here in #21)

1988 New Earth Hector Hall (Sandman). -Infinity Inc. vol. 1 #49

1988 Earth-Two Hector Hall (Silver Scarab I) dies and is resurrected as (Sandman II) - Infinity Inc. vol. 1  #49 then marries pregnant Earth-Two Hyppolyta “Lyta” Trevor-Hall (Fury II). - Infinity Inc. vol. 1 #51

1988-1999 “Cosmic Odyssey is a fun, action-filled DCU/New Gods vs. cosmic forces of evil story.” - Cosmic Odyssey vol. 1 #1-4

1989 One-shot Gotham by Gaslight was retconned to be considered the first “Elseworlds Story”

April 1989-October 1990 New Earth Helena Rosa Bertinelli (Huntress II). She is from a Mafia family. Huntress II is associated with the Outsiders and Birds of Prey. Like Huntress I, Bertinelli’ s family was murdered -Huntress vol. 1 #1-#19

1989 Lyta (Fury) and Daniel (Sandman/Dream) re-imagined by Neil Gaimon -Sandman vol. 2

1989-2011 New Earth Barbara Gordon (formerly Batgirl II) first appeared as “Oracle” in –Suicide Squad vol. 1 #23

1989 Selena Kyle (Catwoman) with whiskers in -Catwoman vol. 1 #1-4

1990 Animal Man can see you! –Animal Man vol. 1 #19

1991 New Earth Justice Society of America in their first self-titled book –Justice Society of America vol. 1 #1-8

1991 Superman reveals himself to Lois Lane –Action Comics vol. 1 #662

1991 New Earth Carol Ferris (Star Sapphire) –Who’s Who in the DC Universe #13

1991 “Atlantean” Karen Starr (Power Girl) ditches the Red White and Blue in Justice League Europe #31...

1992  ...then gets it back, along with a diamond shaped Window a few issues later.

1992 New Earth Justice Society of America –Justice Society of America vol. 2 #1-10

1992 New Earth Sharon Parker (Hawkwoman II) was an Earth woman duped into marrying Thangarian Fel Andar/Carter Hall Jr. (Hawkman) –Hawkworld vol. 2 #22-23

and mother of Titan Ch’al Andar/Charley Parker (Golden Eagle I) –Hawkworld vol. 2 #22-23

1991 John Constantine outsmarts some demons –Hellblazer vol. 1 #45

1992 The Death and Return of Superman story arc

1992 Superman died in the “Doomsday!” Story arc. -Superman vol. 2 #75

1993 (Matrix Supergirl) and Team Luthor try to fill the void left by Superman. Supergirl and Team Luthor vol. 1 #1

1993 Superman is Born Again (with long hair) a few months later in the “Reign of the Supermen!” story arc.

1993 John Henry Irons (Steel III) –Superman vol. 1 #500

1993  New Earth Helena Rosa Bertinelli (Huntress II) - New Costume - cheesecake covers shown. -Detective Comics vol. 1 #652 and #653

1993 -Justice League International vol. 2 #51-68

1993 Earth-Two “Atlantean” Karen Starr (Power Girl) announces that she is pregnant -JLI Vol2 #52

1993 New Earth Selena Kyle (Catwoman) - no whiskers and no tail -Catwoman vol. 2 #1-94

1994 New Earth (Matrix Supergirl) gets her own book -Supergirl vol. 3 #1

June - September 1994 New Earth Helena Bertinelli (Huntress II) -Huntress vol. 2 #1-#4

1994 –New Earth Lyta Hall (Fury II) -The Sandman vol. 2 #60

1994 Green Lantern finds the very first “Woman in Refrigerator” –Green Lantern vol. 3 #54

1994 New Earth Bartholomew “Bart” Allen II (Flash IV) aka (Kid Flash III) –Flash vol. 2 #92

1994 Zero Hour: Crisis in Time (Issue 1-5) (Hawkman non-Fix and a new timeline emerges)

The JSA was de-aged and Hawkman, Katar Hol, Carter Hall, and Shiera Hall are merged into a single "Hawkman" who calls himself Katar Hol.

Zero Hour was designed to fix the plethora of continuity issues which are most easily seen when looking at Hawkman. As a result the Justice Society of America was de-aged and the Legion of Super-Heroes was redesigned to consist of teens who weren't specifically inspired by Superboy.

Katar Hol (Hawkman)'s wings are now natural and fold back into his body.

“Atlantean” Karen Starr (Power Girl) was mystically Impregnated by her Grandfather, Ariel. “Matrix Supergirl” tries to help with the delivery but can't due to a force field.

Karen gives birth to a son named Equinox.

Previously, interaction with other dimensions was difficult. Zero Hour would make them available once again without threatening the reality of New Earth. A new Big Bang happens due to the explosion of "Damage", and time traveller Waverider puts everyone back in place. -Zero Hour #4-0

1994-2000 Earth-247 Post-Zero Hour “Reboot Legion of Super-Heroes” by Mark Waid. Lightning Boy becomes "Live Wire". This is "Legion II" -Legion of Super-Heroes vol. 4 #0 and #62-125

The “Reboot Legion” features Cosmic Boy, Saturn Girl, Apparition, Triad, Livewire,  etc. Note: This team is also featured in Legionnaires vol. 1, The Legion vol. 1, Legion Worlds vol. 1 and Legion Lost vol. 1

1995 New Earth Princess Diana now wears “MTV Bike Shorts" after she lost the title of "Wonder Woman" temporarily. Artemis is the current "Wonder Woman" shown here in the Wonder Woman costume. -Wonder Woman vol. 2 #93

1995 Mera gets feet and a white collar –Aquaman vol. 5 #12

1996 Hawkgod/Carter/Kartar/Shyera decides to go to the Avatar’s Realm to deal with his split personality issue.

1996-2002 New Earth Helena Bertinelli (Huntress III) “Rubber Nun” Costume

1996 Kingdom Come - Mark Waid and Alex Ross "Elseworlds Story" about a “Superhuman War” –Kingdom Come #1-4

1996 Cassandra Sandsmark (Wonder Girl III) –Wonderwoman vol. 2 #105

1996 New Earth Kal-El (Superman) finally gets a haircut - he and New Earth Lois Lane are married in the one-shot -Superman: The Wedding Album #1

1996-7 New Earth Selena Kyle tucks her hair in for the first time in Batman: The Long Halloween #5 Valentine's Day - which is set in Frank Miller’s "Batman: Year One" story arc.

1996-2003 Tall Blond New Earth Matrix and Short Brunette New Earth Linda Danvers - not the Earth-One Kara Zor-El/Linda Lee Danvers (Supergirl) who was ret-conned out of existence - merge to become “Matrix/Linda Danvers (Matrix Supergirl)” -Supergirl vol. 4 #1-#8“Who is Linda Danvers?” -Supergirl vol. 4 #7 

-Supergirl vol. 4 #16

Matrix/Linda Danvers is also the “Earth-Born Angel of Fire” –Supergirl vol. 4 #17

1997 New Earth Justice League of America (with long-hair Superman) in –JLA vol. 1 #1-125 (2006)

1997 New Earth "Zauriel" the Angel who quit, and is now a “pseudo-Hawkman”.  By Grant Morrison after he was told that he could not bring back the real Hawkman. -JLA vol. 1 #6

1998 Earth-9 Tangent Comics “May” (Powergirl) Chinese humanoid daughter of Harvey Dent. –Tangent Comics: Powergirl vol. 1 #1

1998 Mera gets a bikini -Aquaman Secret Files and Origins #1

1998 New Earth Helena Bertinelli (Huntress III) and New Earth Dick Grayson (Nightwing) have a romantic relationship. –Nightwing/Huntress vol. 1 #1-4

1998-1999 The Justice League of America goes to the future. -DC One Million vol. 1 #1-4

1999 Mollachon (Starfire II) also had a few cameos; such as where Starfire I, Mollachon (Starfire II), and Koriand’r (Starfire III) all appeared in Starman's dream. -Starman vol. 2 #55 (1999)

1999 New Earth Justice Society of America –JSA vol. 1 #1-87

1999 New Earth Hector Sanders Hall (Silver Scarab/Sandman) is reborn as (Dr. Fate V). -JSA vol. 1 #2

1999 Diana Laurel Lance (Black Canary II) – JSA vol. 1 #2

1999 New Earth Starfire –Titans vol. 1 #8

1999 Robot Supermen in -The Adventures of Superman vol. 1 #567

March 1999 New Earth Helena Bertinelli (Batgirl III) takes up the role as “Bat-Girl” temporarily. -Batman: Shadow of the Bat #83

Cassandra Cain becomes Batgirl IV in Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight vol. 1 #120. (She first appeared in the prior month in Batman vol. 1 #567)

August 1999 New Earth Helena Bertinelli (Batgirl III) quickly gives it up in -Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight vol. 1 #120

1999 Golden Age Earth-Two Shiera Hall’s Grandniece New Earth Kendra Saunders (Hawk Girl) first appeared as Hawk Girl when her body was taken over by Shiera Hall –JSA Secret Files and Origins #1 and JSA vol. 1 #2

1999 The Kingdom – is somewhat a sequel/prequel of Kingdom Come. 
Superman is killed over and over by Gog. Features heroes of Earth-22: Kara Zor-L (Power Woman), Kara Zor-El (Supergirl), and Diana of Themyscira (Wonder Woman). –The Kingdom vol. 1 #1

1999 Iris West (Kid Flash II) -The Kingdom: Kid Flash vol. 1 #1

1999-2005 "Hypertime" – Invented by Grant Morrison and Mark Waid in The Flash and The Kingdom.

In The Kingdom, during the battle with Gog, Rip Hunter broke the barrier to "Hypertime". With "Hypertime", all timelines exist and travel is made possible from one timeline to another. Another side-effect is the escape from the "Paradise Dimension" by Superman, Superboy-Prime, and Alex Luthor. -The Kingdom vol. 1 #2

With "Hypertime", time was like a river with infinite streams branching off. Sometimes the streams would re-join the river.

2000 Heroes from the 30th Century get lost in present day. Featuring the Earth-247 Post-Zero Hour (1994) Reboot Legion of Super Heroes –Legion Lost vol. 1 #1-12

2000 “Atlantean” Karen Starr (Power Girl) -Birds of Prey vol. 1 #16, #17

January 2000 Dana Dearden (Obsession) claims she is “Mrs. Superman” –The Adventures of Superman vol. 1 #574

Jan 2000 Earth-2 Lana Lang (Superwoman) is a member of the Crime Syndicate of Amerika –JLA: Earth-2 (a Graphic Novel)

2000 Cassandra Cain (Batgirl IV) in – Batgirl vol. 1 #1

2000 New Earth Dr. Harleen Quinzel (Harley Quinn) gets her own book –Harley Quinn vol. 1 #1

November 2000 New Earth “Matrix/Linda Danvers” (Matrix Supergirl) diverges and Linda Danvers becomes “Linda Danvers (Supergirl)” with a new costume. -Supergirl vol. 4 #50

2002-2013 Earth-One/Earth-Two Crisis on Multiple Earths was a 6-volume series of trade paperbacks. Each issue reprinted classic JLA/JSA team-ups from the pages of Justice League of America vol. 1. The first volume includes issues #21-22, 29-30, 37-38, 46-47 (Crisis on Multiple Earths #6 was published in 2013)

2002 New Earth Selena Kyle (Catwoman) -Catwoman vol. 3 #1-83

2002 Pamela Lillian (Poison Ivy) costume change and green skin –Batman vol. 1 #608

2002 Earth-Two Power Girl works with New Earth Barbara Gordon (Oracle) and Birds of Prey  -Birds of Prey vol. 1 #42

2003 New Earth Barbara Gordon (Batgirl II) -Batgirl: Year One vol. 1 #9

2003 New Earth Natasha Irons (Steel IV) -Action Comics vol. 1 #806

2003-2004 A new origin story to replace the dystopian “Man of Steel” origin story. “Birthright” is still considered canon in 2015. -Superman: Birthright vol. 1 #1-12

Birthright replaced Post-Crisis on Infinite Earths Man of Steel (1986) as the official origin story of Superman. Clark Kent and Lex Luthor are now childhood friends, thus aligning the story with the Smallville TV show.

2003-2005 New Earth Helena Bertinelli (Huntress III) “Belly-Window” Costume designed by Jim Lee -Birds of Prey vol. 1 #57

2003 “The Super-Crisis That Struck Earth-Two!” featured Earth-Two JSA and Earth-One JLA collects Justice League of America vol. 1 #55-56, 64-65, 73-74, 82-83 -Crisis on Multiple Earths #2

2003 New Earth Linda Danvers (post-Matrix Supergirl), Earth-One Kara Zor-El (Supergirl) and Ariella Kent (Supergirl from the 853rd Century) all appear in Supergirl vol. 4 #80

Linda Danvers (Post-Matrix Supergirl)

Ariella Kent (Supergirl from the 853rd Century) –Supergirl vol. 4 #79 and #1000000

2004 New Earth Cir-El (Supergirl) claimed to be the daughter of Superman and Lois Lane from the future. She was really just a creation of Brainiac. -Superman/Batman #5

2004 Earth-One Kara Zor-El (Supergirl) is revived after a long break. She had not been seen since 1985 in Crisis on Infinite Earths -Superman/Batman #8-13

2004 Teen Titan Lorena Marquez (Aquagirl IV) –Aquaman vol. 6 #16

2004 New Earth Hippolyta Hall (Fury) “Waking the Sandman” -JSA vol. 1 #63

2004 Identity Crisis Sue Dibny (wife of the Elongated Man) is murdered

The universe gets dark for a few issues –Identity Crisis vol. 1 #1-7

2005 Countdown to Infinite Crisis (DC Countdown)

New Earth Ted Kord (Blue Beetle II) investigates a theft. Leads into O.M.A.C.
This one-shot functioned as a prelude to the 2006 crossover event, “Infinite Crisis” -Countdown to Infinite Crisis vol. 1 #1

2005 New Earth Shayera Thal (Hawkwoman III) reappeared as a reinstated soldier of the Thanagarian Army,  Shayera was betrayed and murdered by Tamaranean Queen Komand’r. -Countdown to Infinite Crisis: Rann-Thanagar War #6

2004 – 2009 The "Threeboot Legion" -Legion of Super-Heroes vol. 5 #1-15 Shown here in issue #1 and #6:

There are three Legion of Super-Heroes reboots that cause some confusion. Pre-Zero hour “Original Legion of Super-Heroes” , Post-Zero Hour “Reboot Legion of Super-Heroes”, and 31st Century Earth-Prime “Prime Legion” aka “Threeboot Legion of Super-Heroes”.

Threeboot Legion of Super-Heroes members Cosmic Boy, Saturn Girl, Lightning Lad, Phantom Girl, Triplicate Girl, etc. First appearance in the story “Superboy and the Legion I&II” found in Teen Titans vol. 3 #16, Teen Titans/Legion Special vol. 1 #1

Threeboot Legion of Super-Heroes Brainiac 5, Chameleon (no longer Chameleon Boy because he is unisex), Cosmic Boy, Dream Girl, Element Lad, Invisible Kid, Light Lass, Micro Lad, Phantom Girl, Princess Projectra, Shadow Lass, Star Boy, Sun Boy, Triplicate Girl, Ultra Boy -Legion of Super-Heroes vol. 5 #1-50

2005 Earth-2 Terry Sloane (Mister Terrific I) and New Earth Michael Holt (Mister Terrific II) –JSA vol. 1 #70

2005 New Earth “Atlantean” Karen Starr (Power Girl) wonders if she is Kryptonian. JSA: Classified vol. 1 #1a

2005 New Earth Diana of Themyscyra (Wonder Woman) shown here in a classic pulp cover pose-Wonder Woman vol. 2 #1-#226 (#220 shown here)

2005 Donna Troy (Wonder Girl II) -DC Special: Return of Donna Troy #4

2005- New Earth Kara Zor-El/Linda Lang/Kara Kent (Supergirl) -Supergirl vol. 5 #1-#67


2005 New Earth Helena Bertinelli (Huntress III) quit Birds of Prey to fight the Mafia. -Birds of Prey vol. 1 #80

2005-2009 New Earth Helena Bertinelli (Huntress III) wore this costume -Birds of Prey Vol-1 ~#84-127 (Unknown issue and #91 shown)

July 2005 "Hypertime" is officially abandoned by DC Editor Dan Dido after only 6 years.

Dec 2005 to June 2006 New Earth Superboy is killed and Earth-Prime Superboy-Prime turns evil. Alexander Luthor creates a number of worlds including a “Faux Earth-Two” which is actually a copy of evil Earth-Three. -Infinite Crisis #1-#6

Infinite Crisis #1 and #2b shown

Wonder Woman is restored as a founding member of the Justice Socieity of America, so the Black Canary retcon has been retconned. All appearances of Wonder Woman in the early JLA, are back in continuity. Superboy Prime literally punches continuity. He was trying to fix it.

New Earth Jaime Reyes (Blue Beetle III) –Infinite Crisis #3

Superboy punches Pantha’s head off. –Infinite Crisis vol. 1 #4

Batman again finds the identity of his parents' killer.

Kal-L Earth-Two Superman and Earth-Two Lois Lane Kent return from the Paradise Dimension and end up on “Faux Earth-Two”.  Lois Lane Kent dies.

The Multiverse is restored and Stable extra-dimensional hypertime realities are  shown to exist within the DC universe again. -Infinite Crisis #6

Earth-Two Karen Starr (Power Girl)’s origin story is retold as Kara Zor-L a refugee from Krypton-Two and cousin to Earth-Two Kal-L (Superman) instead of being an Atlantean.

Death of Earth-Two Kal-L Superman at the hand of Superboy-Prime. Kal-L dies in Kara Zor-L (Power Girl)’s arms. -Infinite Crisis #7

The Multiverse is merged again, and a "New Earth" is born out of it. Alexander Luthor’s “Faux Earth-Two” is merged into the main earth, which is now named “New Earth” -Infinite Crisis

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